Our honey is sold in the following containers:

350 g.  / 700 g. / 1000 g./ 1400 g. glass containers, and  150 g. plastic container.

Wholesale prices available on reques.

You can purchase honey as early as June, however it depends on the weather in Spring.


It is the stored pollen. The bread is the food for honeybee larvae which need a lot of albumen when growing. The beebread has a lot of vitamins: C, B1, B2, B12, E, PP. Also, it has plenty of enzymes: sucrose, amylase, organic acid, hormones, and pigments. These substances are characterized by antibiotic qualities. Their effect is significant.

  • They give immunity from virus and they are great for preventing the flu.

  • They have antibiotic properties and stop the growth of pathogens.

  • These substances reduce the amount of cholesterol, dilate blood vessels.

  • They also treat atherosclerosis, hypertonic diseases, protect from clots.

  • They regulate thyroid function.

  • They also regulate digestive system activity.

  • They have a positive effect on the nervous system.

  • They help to get rid of insomnia, depression, relieve fatigue.

  • They help to recover from illness, surgery or radiotherapy.

  • The mineral substance in the beebread, potassium, improves cardiac activity.

  •  Phosphorus and magnesium regulate metabolism.

  • Iron, Zinc and Cobalt help to combat iron deficiency.


1 tbsp. per day for adults.

1 teaspoon per day for children.

In case of elevated gastric acidity, use after meals.

A. Baltuškevičius "Bičių produktai ir jų reikšmė žmogaus sveikatai" (Bee products and their significance for human health).

Larger quantities need to be agreed.

We encourage you to order the beebread for strengthening health by July.


It is a unique honeybee product. Used at home, in medicine and cosmetics.The wax is sold only by indicating quantity in advance.


Bee propolis is a complex of natural, biologically active substances collected from different plants by bees.

The bees cover the hive walls, seal the cracks, disinfect the honeycombs with propolis, thus protecting against diseases.

The therapeutic effect of this substance is determined by the number of biologically active compounds included in its composition. Mostly polyphenolic compounds, the main part of which is flavonoids, are found in the propolis. Aromatic acids, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids are important for the human body. These substances are involved in the physiological processes of the body, as well as in immunological reactions and they are essential for the maintenance of vital functions of the organism.

Bee propolis is a substance characterised by high biological activity and widely used in medical practice since ancient times.

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